Support Athletics and Spirit at Vermillion High School.

VHS Athletic Booster Club believes athletics and extracurricular activities are a large part of the learning environment.  It is goal of VHS Athletic Booster Club to assist school funding to support athletic facilities and programs.  Think how high school athletics has impacted your life in a positive way.

The VHS Athletic Booster Club was founded to help support fundraising to support athletics, upgrade sports facilities promote spirit and volunteer at events.

School districts depend on significant philanthropic gifts from organizations and individuals in order to complete projects.

Board Officers 2017 - 2018

  • Open|   President
  • Jim Peterson| Masaba - Past President
  • Callie Beach | Vermillion School District –Secretary
  • Andy Hill| Masaba – Treasurer

Board Members

  • Daniel Mart| Vermillion School District
  • Kari Jo James | Sanford Vermillion
  • Carol Lavin| Sanford Vermillion
  • Jen Kratz | Sanford Vermillion
  • Paddy Rosdail | Vermillion School District
  • Dave Hertz| Midwest Ready Mix
  • Travis Tarr| Vermillion Power and Light
  • Shellie Pratt|Beresford School District
  • Karen Prescott|
  • Nick Olson|Cargill
  • Bill Suanders|Saunders Chiropratic
  • Kelly Suanders|Taco Johns
  • Lisa Hayes| Jimmy Johns
  • Nicholle Gilbertson |
  • Jeff Gilbertson| University South Dakota

Meeting Minutes